Weekly Events
   17th - 21st

Monday - Faculty PLCs

Tuesday - Lady Pirates Volleyball @
                  Monument Valley, 4:00 

Wednesday - Region Cross Country  @ Monticello Golf Course 4 pm

Thursday & Friday - Fall Break

Mon,Tue,Wed,Thurs Bells                          Friday Bells
Breakfast       7:50 First Bell               Breakfast          7:50 First Bell
1st Period       8:00 Tardy Bell            1st period          8:00 Tardy Bell
Dismissal       9:13                                   Dismissal           8:50
2nd Period     9:17 Tardy Bell             2nd Period        8:54 Tardy Bell
Dismissal       10:30                                Dismissal           9:44
3rd period      10:34 Tardy Bell          3rd Period         9:48 Tardy Bell
Lunch               11:47 -12:25                     Dismissal           10:38
Warning Bell  12:25                                4th Period          10:42 Tardy Bell
4th Period        12:30 Tardy Bell         Dismissal            11:32
Dismissal          1:43                                  5th Period          11:36 Tardy Bell
5th Period         1:47 Tardy Bell            Dismissal           12:26
Dismissal          3:00                                  Lunch                  12:26
Bus Leaves       3:05                                  Bus Leaves         12:45

Home Internet Connectivity
Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are writing to inform you that there is a unique opportunity to receive a significant discount on Internet services to support learning at home.
Eligibility for monthly internet service discount
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Chromebooks For Students!

Emery School District 
Emergency Connectivity Fund Program
Chromebooks for students

Emery School District is providing students that meet grant qualifications with a Chromebook to be used at home as an assistive technology device to meet educational needs. The Chromebook will be issued upon completion of a grant agreement and approval of student qualifications. Students qualify based on financial need or other hardship.

The district was awarded $405,000 to purchase 1100 Chromebooks for students. The Chromebooks are to support students’ educational needs within blended learning. The grant’s intent is to provide devices that meet students educational need that would not be possible without assistance. 

This is a fantastic and meaningful opportunity to support our students. This grant is funded through the CARES Act. Emery School District is grateful for this opportunity and is requesting that interested students and families apply at the school where their children attend. Application is available online at emeryschools.org.

Agreement/Application Link

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