Mon,Tue,Wed,Thurs Bells                          Friday Bells
Breakfast       7:50 First Bell               Breakfast          7:50 First Bell
1st Period       8:00 Tardy Bell            1st period          8:00 Tardy Bell
Dismissal       9:13                                   Dismissal           8:50
2nd Period     9:17 Tardy Bell            2nd Period        8:54 Tardy Bell
Dismissal       10:30                               Dismissal           9:44
3rd period      10:34 Tardy Bell        3rd Period         9:48 Tardy Bell
Lunch               11:47 -12:25                  Dismissal           10:38
Warning Bell  12:25                             4th Period          10:42 Tardy Bell
4th Period        12:30 Tardy Bell      Dismissal            11:32
Dismissal          1:43                               5th Period          11:36 Tardy Bell
5th Period         1:47 Tardy Bell        Dismissal           12:26
Dismissal          3:00                             Lunch                  12:26
Bus Leaves       3:05                              Bus Leaves         12:45

Home Internet Connectivity

Get your Students Connected at Home & Stay Connected

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a U.S. government program that helps many low income households pay for broadband service and internet connected devices. 

We also have other funding to help pay for those who qualifies.

Click Here for Brochure 

Click here for Income Guidelines

Upcoming Events
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