Drivers Education

***Please read all instructions***

**This information is for any student who is 15 or older and interested in getting a Drivers License. The process on how to do this is outlined below.

Requirements to get a Driver's license are as follows:
-Get your Learners Permit through the Driver's License Division
-Register for the online DRED class through SESC. (Includes paying the $50 fee)
-Complete a Driver record card and turn it in to the school office
-Pay your $150 driving fee to the school office.    

Below is information for signing up for the DRED class and driving. 


Complete the Driving Record Card AND pay your Driving Fee through Green River High School. The Driving Card needs to be printed, filled out, (link below) and turned in to the secretary. The fee to drive is $150 and should be paid to the GRHS office. 

You will be contacted by a DRED instructor AFTER you have turned your driving card into the GRHS secretary.

Driver Record Card


Emery School District will be teaching Drivers Education classes on-line using the Southest Service Center as our course provider.

Register and pay the fee at the following link:
SESC Drivers Ed Class
(All students are encouraged to spend at least 1 hr per day on completing this class!!!)

**Fees for Driver Education are as follows: Class through SESC- $50; Drive through Emery County School District - $150

**Understand, we schedule driving based on students who have completed the class. To ensure you get on the schedule to drive in a timely manner, we encourage you to have completed the class 6 months prior to your 16th birthday. We cannot guarantee you will get your license by your 16th birthday if this is not the case**

Thank you for your patience.
Emery School District